Think you have flawless skin? Think again!

iBlemish lets you scan your face in real-time to unmask hidden blemishes and wrinkles deep within the surface of your skin.

WARNING: You may be shocked at the results!

Advanced complexion imaging combined with your devices high resolution camera detect and reveal years worth of skin damage not visible to the naked eye!

See and accentuate your hidden…

✔ Blemishes
✔ Fine Lines and Wrinkles
✔ Dark Under Eye Circles
✔ Sun Damage
✔ Acne
✔ Age Spots
✔ Blackheads
✔ Whiteheads
✔ Rosacea
✔ Skin Inflammations
✔ Hyper Pigmentation
✔ Abscess
✔ And More!

…All with the touch of a button! Take pictures of the real time video results of your scan to share with family and friends or even your

iBlemish is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease.

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